Jun 13, 2019 at 1:27 GMT

Last month, Google announced a new way to protect Google accounts with a security key built into their Android phones. Using this method, you can verify your sign-in to Google and Google Cloud services on Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. Google is now expanding this support to iOS devices. You can now use your Android phone to verify your sign-in on Apple iPads and iPhones. Here’s how you can enable this feature for your Google Account:

Step 1: Add the security key to your Google Account

  • Add your personal or work Google Account to your Android 7.0+ (Nougat) phone.
  • Make sure you’re enrolled in 2-Step Verification (2SV).
  • On your computer, visit the 2SV settings and click “Add security key”.
  • Choose your Android phone from the list of available devices.

Step 2: Use your Android phone’s built-in security key


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